Greener Data

Understanding scope 3 emissions based on spend is good first start to make some progress towards carbon reduction goals, but our Greener Data accelerators take you to the next level of action proving invaluable to every facet of the business. Our accelerators enrich your sales and procurement data with a range of additional data sets covering climate, biodiversity, geopolitical risk, upstream transportation emissions and more. Empowering your teams with impact insights but also forecasts and recommendations of where the biggest reduction impacts can be made across all 15 categories of scope 3.

Embodied Carbon LCA

Need to understand how your business can make effective changes throughout the design, use, upgrade and demolition phases of your building's life cycle? Allow us to create or enrich your BIM files, providing you with a breakdown of embodied carbon for every component of your building. Allowing further focus on improvements with low carbon materials, intelligent energy management, longevity and recyclability.


Sustainability ESG Studio

Take a 360 view of ESG performance for some of the largest companies across 46 numbers of industries. The Sustainability Studio accelerator will provide you with 1 ESG score, 3 pillar scores, 8 theme scores and 36 sub theme scores per year, allowing insight into public and investor perception of your sustainability performance. Initial scores are provided for GRI, but mapping to SASB, TCFD, CDP, GRESB and more is also available. Why not go one step further and access additional features providing UN SDG analytics, controversy scores and revenue at risk predictions.

ESG Dashboard